Basic Rules: Eliminations And Surrender

1. A player hit on the head and torso area, either on the front or back, is considered eliminated.
2. Players hit on the gun; arms, legs and gear are considered wounded. They are not allowed to move or shoot their markers. They can only yell for a medic. They will have approximately 1 minute for a medic to reach them. Once a medic has reached them the medic must apply a bandage on the injured player. Once this is done the player may resume playing. If no medic shows within that time the player is eliminated.
3. Players that are wounded are still targets. They may be shot while they are yelling for a medic. Wounded players may surrender but this is up to them.
4. To acquire a surrender, you must ask the enemy to “surrender”. They can either reply “yes I surrender” or react by turning and shooting you. Be advised barrel tags do not work in this series and if you attempt this do not get mad if the enemy turns on you and shoots you.
5. Eliminated players are not allowed to tell other players information pertaining to the game. This means no talking to players or using radios.


1. The medic bag they are issued and a medic armband identify medics. When you hear a player yell for “medic” the medic has one minute to get to that player and bandage them. Bandages will be hole punches in the players chrony card. Hole punchers will be supplied at the beginning of the game and further medical supplies will be issued later on. Players can only resume "play" and shoot, once the bandage is “applied" Medics are not immune to hits. Only a medic can heal another medic. Medics may not switch jobs unless the two parties tell the event organizer, Due to prize drawing information at the end of the series.
2. Eliminated players must go back to a designated dead zone. There they must wait to be re-entered at the usual 15-minute rule. This rule means players may leave the dead box at every 15 minutes per the game clock. Quarter hour, half hour quarter till and full hour.

Tank And Bazooka Men Rules

1. Tanks must have reasonable visibility, 360 degrees around the chassis.
2. Tanks must be mechanically able to get around the field. Specific tanks built for specific areas may not need to go around the entire course. Brakes must work due to hills etc...
3. Tanks must have a hard flat surface that is either metallic (magnetic) or capable of a sticker to be stuck (on all 4 sides). This is for the target system that will be used.
4. Tanks must have the new target system on all four sides of its chassis (centered).
5. A tank is destroyed if the Target is marked. Light tanks are destroyed if hit anywhere on their target system. All tank occupants are out if the tank is destroyed.
6. Tanks must not go faster than the field allows. If the field has no limit posted, it is a universal 5 MPH.
7. A ground guide is a player that keeps their hand on the tank and the driver does what the guide tells him to do.
8. A tank is only allowed to back up if using a ground guide.
9. Tanks can be used as stationary bunker if parked off road. Tanks parked off road must use a ground guide to do so. Tanks must also use ground guides to leave parked area.
10. Troops on the same team as a tank can move with the tank only if a ground guide is being used. If no ground guide, then players must remain 20 feet from the tank.
11. If a player is in a bunker next to the road, he is not called out due to the 20 foot rule. He can still set up an ambush as long as they are in said bunker.
12. Players must yield to tanks while on roads. Tanks have right of way.
Walker tanks are classified as a light tank and can be eliminated by the following ways. Grenade, flame thrower, bazooka/anti-tank weapon, land mines, anti-tank mines, and replica heavy machine guns. i.e. m2 50 cal.
14. Heavy tanks (vehicle based) can only be taken out by bazooka/anti-tank weapons and anti-tank mines.
15. Tanks must have their own radio to communicate with ref. (FRS) channel 1.
16. Tanks must furnish their own 2 foot by 3 foot white flag to signal they are eliminated.
17. Tanks must show their team color by flying a 2 foot by 3 foot flag in a visible area 360 degrees of view.
18. Tank driver has authority of a ref. driver must wear orange and is neutral out of the tank.
19. Players are not allowed to block any tank roads in any form.
20. Tanks must have their own hand chrony. Tanks chrony at the same speed as player markers.
21. Tanks can be used as troop carriers. If a tank is destroyed all players inside are eliminated as well.
22. If a tank is open (troops exposed) the troops inside can be eliminated by marker fire or grenades and flame throwers. Turret gunner and side gunners on the tank are immune to paintball shots, grenades and flame throwers.
23. Weapons system used against tanks must be manufactured for that reason by a company. No homemade cannons will be allowed. There will be limits set for the amount of anti-tank players (bazooka men).
24. Manufactured anti-tank weapons that look like old and current issue will be allowed. We are not trying to deny new product lines the ability to be used in our series; we at least want them to look the part. They must however be able to leave a distinguishable mark on the new target system and a limit on the rounds must be honored.
25. Bazookas built out of paintball guns must be close to scale and appear to be of that era or time frame, average 37 inches-6 feet long. They must be painted so that the white PVC does not show.
26. Tank Killers are responsible to let referees know that they are getting ready to attack/kill a tank.
27. Tanks and tank killers will need to start an honorable relationship between them. Granted most people will think this is impossible but I know this is easily done. Cheaters are not liked in our game, so if anyone is caught cheating they will be told to leave the field of play and go talk to the promoter if they wish to re-claim their honor. By limiting tanks and tank killers we narrow the amount of problems raised by this awesome, fun threat on the field. It will be easier for us to get rid of problem players “meaning tanks as well”. We want good honest players at our game and if you can’t handle that then go find someplace else that likes your kind.
28. This list will grow as our sport does so bare with us.

Boundry Lines

1. The playing field must be clearly marked for all players. Marker tape. Twine, rope, etc… this boundary must be visible to players. This may be hard to do at night so be patient.
2. Each team will have a neutral starting area where their players can start. This is to make sure they get a clean start and not get hit instantly. The generals use this area to secure props and do their own paperwork etc. messages on missions will go to this base. This area will be marked with a 100-foot perimeter. Enemy players are not allowed in this area.
3. There will be no camping in the dead zones. This means only dead players are allowed in this area. Players caught hiding here and shooting players from this area will be ejected out of the game.
4. Dead zones will be determined at each event so these will vary per game. Players that are re-inserting must have their barrel cover on and be walking together going to the re-insertion point “neutral headquarters”.
5. Players need to yield to tanks if you are on a road. Roads are for tank and vehicle transport so get out of their way ASAP.
6. Boundaries set up to keep players out for their own safety, around thorns etc. must be in yellow or orange. If there is a trouble spot on the field let the players and refs know.


1. Missions will be given “on average” every half hour. There will be 2 types of missions. Primary and secondary. Primary missions will take up to 1 hour to complete. Secondary missions will only take half an hour. The mission clock starts after the general reads the mission given to him by mission ref. Primary missions will always be chosen by the generals at the beginning of the hour and called in by a field phone. Secondary missions will be radioed or hand delivered by a mission ref.
2. Generals will also be handed a mission statement. This statement is what the general and his team are expected to do on their own. These are the primary missions that they will carry out on their own.
3. All primary missions will have a flagpole. You must raise your team’s flag and hold that area until the specified time is over.


1. Props will be out on the field. A tag saying what they are marks these. If marked red this means only red players may touch it. If marked blue, only blue players may touch it. If marked with red and blue both teams may use it. Players are not allowed to touch, hide or move enemy’s props. They may however trap the area or set up ambushes around the item.
2. If you find a prop you must bring it back to your generals headquarters. This will insure your team gets the points for it.
3. No fireworks allowed unless the field and event organizer approves it. This includes smoke grenades as well.

Radios And Other Forms Of Communication

1. On FRS radios, fields and referees will always be on channel 1. Players are not allowed to use the channel unless it is an emergency.
2. No jamming of the radio frequencies. If players are caught doing this they will be ejected from the game.
3. Players may snoop on the enemies channels but do not interfere with them.
4. The generals will be given the frequencies they can use. Each general will be issued a secret channel directly to the event organizer. This channel will be used to send classified info back to the generals.

Referees. Safety Requirements.

1. The field is responsible for their own referees. They will have to sit through a briefing on how the game works. In this brief the boundaries and all the rules must be covered. How all the different characters work is very important. Medic, sniper, bazookamen and tank rules must be followed.
2. A designated chrony area must be made and marked so all can see it. There must be a hand held chrony as well on the field in case of a hot shooting incident. I know some fields do not have these on hand. Let me know if you need to use one. I have extras. {But I need them back}.
3. Players must chrony in the morning, afternoon and before the night game. Chrony limits will be 285 fps or lower for day and 270 fps or lower for the night games.