About The Tour Of Duty

Welcome to the WW2 “Tour of Duty” website. Please take your time and enjoy the Information located on our site. Just click on anything you would like to know more about. Enjoy the pictures that have been sent to us, from many of the several players that have been our privilege to serve.

The WW2 “Tour of Duty” is a unique Paintball Game System designed to ensure that an individual or large group will have the most fun possible. The Games promote teamwork and honorable play. Whether you are the last man holding a primary objective or part of a small squad trying to achieve a secondary mission, you will have a blast.

The Game is Broken down into 2 days of Primary missions (key Flag Locations) and Secondary missions (find and return props). This means you are either part of a large force to take over a town, Fuel depot or Ammo dump or even a Main Base or you may go out with a smaller Squad to retrieve a Map or even rescue a Downed Pilot, All the while looking out for landmines, marauding tanks, snipers or random patrols.

Enjoy and we hope to see you on the field.

Bill Bailey